How do you eat your pasta?

That was my prof’s question for us on one of our sessions in our Humanities class.

I got to my toes and answered that I usually mix the sauce and the pasta first, then I eat.

And she said, “try eating it as plated.”

I was uncertain I got her point.

Chicken Pesto (Photo credited to @jeg83 in IG)
Chicken Pesto (Photo credited to @jeg83 in IG)
“There will be parts of the dish that is bland, while some of it will be very tasty,” she continued.

“And your tendency is to savor the moments that the taste is so rich, and you try to content yourself meekly on flavorless part.”

“And that what makes pasta more scrumptious to eat.” She paused.

“Much like life, it was never designed to be plain from the start. Because if it was, then we won’t have the ups and the lows, the happy and the sad, or the sweet and the sour.”

“And with the pasta analogy, its trying to live life as it is that makes it worth living,” she ended.

The class was in awe when the bell rang signalling the end of the class. That bell, as well, signals my afternoon break.

Guess what I will be having for my afternoon snack.

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