‘No’ is not an option.

“We didn’t hire you to say no. You are there to find options.”

That statement made a mark in me.

Since that day in May 2012, it has been my daily mantra to tell myself “I am here to provide choices and possibilities, and not to say it cannot be done.”


It has been more than 6 months since “no” became an unfamiliar term for me.

Since then, the plate I have has been full, and  been overwhelmingly refilled time and again.

The things and assignments I need to juggle went from one to many in so short a time.

These resulted to longer waking hours working for things, but lesser and lesser hours for people that matters.

It took me more than 180 days to realized I can never be Superman.

Now that I have made up my mind, I am drafting the note I will hand over the soonest time possible. While scribbling the words I wish to utter, that marked statement still lingers in me:

‘No’ is not an option.

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