My Gang

In life, when things don’t go as planned or people fail us, we seek someone to hear us out—either our parents, friends, siblings or special one that knows us more than anyone else.

These are the people we run to when the world seems so unfair, or the world has cut us deep inside.

As for me, I have this set of friends who had stick with me through my most trying times and has been there during my happy moments.

I’m just glad that though we now have gone our separate ways and work on different companies and chasing our own dreams, we gather every now and then, look back, share our stories and experiences, laugh or cry about it, hear their thoughts on things and then go again on our own ways.

These are the friends I run to whenever I feel so low, or whenever I am the happiest. The barkada I am so thankful of having. The buddies I will forever cherish.

Meet my “Colleagues Having Ultimate Chance Hurdling Individualism”—the CHUCHI gang.

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