EDC - 20th Graphic Expo

6 Reasons Why I’m Thankful I Attended the 20th Graphic Expo

Taking time off work, I was able to attend a 3-day seminar at the 20th Graphic Expo on June 4-6, 2015 together with my fellow @IGersManila moderator Petim Maminta at SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia, Pasay City.

Organized by Fiera De Manila, the 20th Graphic Expo is a premier trade show and marketplace for creative and printing professionals.

Thanks to our dear friend Jeoff Solas for inviting us to this awesome event. Here are the 6 reasons why I am thankful I attended the 20th Graphic Expo:

1. Meet new friends. 

The expo is a convergence of buyers, decision makers, businessmen and entrepreneurs, top suppliers and industry players/professionals. This annual event is participated by big names in graphic arts, printing & publishing, photo-video, creative design and imaging, Internet and web publishing, and multimedia.

While @IGersManila is not involved in the printing industry, our dear friend Jeoff Solas still invited us to the seminar series for digital creatives.

2. Learned the latest creative/digital trends

The seminar series provided us an avenue for networking while we enjoy learning new things from our speakers who shared their knowledge on the craft along with the latest trends in the creative and printing industry.

I attended the following sessions from the seminar series:

After each sessions, the speakers were very accommodating and very smart to answer questions from the group of digital creatives. Interestingly, the sessions I have chosen for the seminar series centered on photography, creating videos and website profitability– #AllForLove of @IGersManila.


3. Renewed love for phoneography.

Petim and I had some common sessions during the 3-day seminar series. Our personal favorite? The Street Photography session. It gave us a new take on capturing visual stories in public places, and how we can be better phoneographers. Thanks to our cool speaker Sir Edwin Tuyay, who even gave us a souvenir photo with signature. (Oh, by the way did I mention he is the dad of Led Tuyay, guitarist of the band Kamikazee?)

Now we are ready to share with #IGersManila the tips and tricks from Sir Edwin Tuyay.


4. A display of amazing photo gallery from different camera clubs

It is always a happy sight for me to see works of art  publicly displayed in a gallery of amazing visual stories. Different participating camera clubs staged their photo gallery using different media at the Expo.

I was silently wishing that @IGersManila shall also be part of such display amazing photo gallery in future Graphic Expos (*hands-crossed*)


5. Accommodating staff of Fiera de Manila.

While our invites from Jeoff Solas gave us the ticket to the20th Graphic Expo, we were not able to enlist ourselves early for the seminar sessions. Thanks to the team from Fiera de Manila for accommodating @IGersManila during the 3-day seminar series. Special mention to Jeanne Soriano who personally assisted us during registration on the sessions.


6. Reconnected with IG friends.

During lunch breaks on the 3-day seminar, I did not miss the chance to visit and bond with fellow IGers in the area. There is no better way to have lunch but be with friends who share the same passion as you are. Thanks for your time @iPetim, @Christofferking and @Nagaryan!

Looking forward to the next Graphic Expo! (*excited*)




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